Broaden Your Horizons With Programmes Including Henna Brow Training Courses in Manchester


While Rene Academy is based out of Oh Darlin’ in Liverpool, we’re constantly receiving visits from students, beauticians and salon owners from Manchester and surrounding areas. This is chiefly due to word of mouth recommendations; we’re extremely proud of our reputation for providing quality beauty training courses, at affordable prices.


Below, we’ve looked to answer a number of questions for the benefit of these Manchester clients, for who making the visit just to pose a simple query would be asking a bit much! If you have a different question, or want to book a place on any of our HIFU training courses, henna brow training courses, plasma therapy training courses or dermaplaning training courses – then pick up the phone and call us on 07895 431 834.


Common Questions Answered


What qualifies you to teach beauty training courses?


The Rene Academy team are Level 3 AET Teachers with Level 3 Certification in Beauty Standards. On top of this, our company is accredited by both the The British Beauty Group and The CPD Group. Finally, our 34 years of experience providing beauty training courses both in and out of Manchester mean we have unrivalled expertise!


I’m not sure which service will best compliment my existing offerings, what should I do?


We can happily provide tailored advice in this department, but it has to be bespoke – there’s no easy, one-size-fits-all answer! It comes down to figuring out: a) what you’re qualified to take on, in terms of pre-requisite certification b) what your clients are most likely to want (making the service popular and increasing turnover) and c) whether you have the free time and money to invest in a particular course.


Taking all the above into account, one Manchester client may best benefit from HIFU training courses, or perhaps plasma therapy training courses (high-spec aesthetic treatments), while another may better benefit from dermaplaning training courses or henna brow training courses (which involve slightly less expensive equipment and are cheaper services at point of sale).


I don’t have the time to attend regular in-person classes, can you still train me?


Yes! We offer Manchester and the wider UK online sessions which cover all the methodology involved in beauty training courses, and finish up with one on one practice and testing for the final certificate.


To ask us a different question regarding one of our many programmes, like the henna brow training courses that prove popular amongst our Manchester clients, call 07895 431 834.

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