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Looking to expand your knowledge and take the next step in your career? As the Liverpool area’s go-to for expertly delivered beauty training courses, Rene Academy can help. But we want you to be just as sure as we are, that we’re the best option for you – whether you’re seeking out HIFU training courses, henna brow training courses, plasma therapy training courses or perhaps dermaplaning training courses.


That’s why on this page, we’ve run through some of the most attractive reasons to choose Rene Academy over a competing provider of beauty training courses active in Liverpool or its surrounds. Should you already be convinced, feel free to skip this article and call us directly on 07895 431 834.


Why Choose Rene Academy for Beauty Training Courses in Liverpool?


Unrivalled Experience


The team at Rene Academy has over 34 years of experience in the beauty industry. We’re quite simply unrivalled in this department, both in Liverpool and surrounding locales. This expertise allows us to provide precisely tailored training sessions; we’ve trained all sorts of people who learn in different ways, and at different speeds. And over this time we’ve been able to develop our own.


Commitment to Quality


It’s important to us that our beauty courses feature content written to the highest quality standards. In this day and age, there are many providers offering poorly authored course material, much of which is outdated. Whether it’s HIFU training courses, henna brow training courses, plasma therapy training courses or dermaplaning training courses, this can be fatal to your business.


After all, news of a poorly delivered or botched treatment can travel fast and irreparably damage your business or the business you work for, and thus your livelihood. So it pays to take beauty training courses from a company committed to quality.


Range of Courses


Then there’s the sheer range of courses we provide clients in Liverpool and its surrounds. As mentioned above, we have something for everyone. From HIFU training courses to dermaplaning training courses, henna brow training courses to plasma therapy training courses – however you’re look to expand your skillset and to build on previous training.


Guaranteed Pass Rate


All our beauty training courses have a guaranteed pass rate. We’ll keep working with you until you’re there. This gives our Liverpool clients peace of mind, knowing they’ll be able to deliver the services they’re learning in the very near future.


Ongoing Support


One way we differentiate ourselves from the competition in Liverpool and indeed the wider UK, is by providing ongoing support to all students of our beauty training courses. This means that should you have any query after your course has concluded, or need clarification on something you learned at Rene Academy, we’ll be on hand to help.


To book onto any of the following, contact us at your earliest convenience:


• Dermaplaning Training Courses

• Plasma Therapy Training Courses

• Henna Brow Training Courses

• HIFU Training Courses


Contact Rene Academy today on 07895 431 834 and expand your knowledge with our beauty treatment courses in Liverpool, including dermaplaning training courses.

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