Deliver Effective, Non-surgical Anti-aging Treatments With Our HIFU Training Courses in Liverpool

Rene Academy provides HIFU training courses for beauticians and salon owners in Liverpool, Manchester and the wider UK. If you’re looking to expand your service range with a cutting edge, technologically sophisticated treatment which can significantly reduce the signs of aging, we urge you to call us on 07895 431 834. Our HIFU training courses are priced at just £850.


What is HIFU?


High intensity focus ultrasound (HIFU) is a fantastic alternative to the traditional cosmetic face-lift – without the need of surgery. HIFU can rejuvenate the face, neck and eyes by lifting and tightening skin, resulting in a significant yet natural-looking uplift. HIFU can reduce the appearance of ageing by 4 – 8 years in just one treatment, dependant on the area being targeted.

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How does it work?


HIFU targets deep down in the foundation layer of your skin, the same layer targeted in surgical cosmetic procedures. While lasers enter through the outside of the skin, the HIFU procedure bypasses its surface, targeting energy deep within the structural tissues and muscles, where collagen can be found.


The application of ultrasound energy stimulates the production of collagen in both the deep-dermal and sub-dermal levels. This results in a micro-injury to that tissue. As the tissue heals, collagen levels ramp up and collagen fibres organise/shorten. The skin will then tighten, leading to the benefits outlined across this page.

What are the benefits of High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU)?


A non-surgical and non-invasive procedure, HIFU offers many benefits over competing treatments. These are covered in more detail during our HIFU training courses in Liverpool and Manchester, so you can make effective and accurate sales to your clients. They include:


• Clinically proven

• Safe yet Effective

• Cost-effective alternative to undergoing surgery

• Anaesthesia, sedation not required

• Zero risk of infection due to no incisions being made

• No downtime

• Results after one treatment

• Results can last for 2 years plus


What effects can HIFU have?


HIFU can be used to achieve all of the following results:


• Look four to eight years younger in just one session

• Improve blood circulation

• Increase elastin and collagen production

• Re-educate Muscles

• Stimulate Skin Cells

• Rejuvenate Skin

• Firm and tighten muscles

• Reduce eyelid hoods or nesolabial folds

• Tighten sagging skin, cheeks, jowls and neck

• Reduce double chin and areas of fat

• Reduce wrinkles, bags under the eyes and fine lines

• Minimise acne scars


When Are Results Visible?


While some results will be immediately visible post-procedure, optimum results usually occur three to six months on.


How Long Do Results Last?


On average, between 18 months and two years; though it’s important to inform clients that results can differ from person to person.


How Many Treatments Are Required?


This is one of the key points covered in our HIFU training courses. While the number of sessions is dependent on a client’s age and the condition of their skin, one treatment is usually sufficient on most.


Who Is Suitable for HIFU?


As all types and tones of skin can be treated, any resident of Liverpool, Manchester or elsewhere in the UK is a prime candidate, specifically anyone with drooping skin who wants to avoid going under the knife.



Course: HIFU Training


Course Level:  René Academy Certificate, CPD Accreditation (30 CPD POINTS)




Course Duration: 30 hours total. including Prestudy.


Days at HQ – 1 Day


Entry Level: Level 3 Beauty or Equivalent


Maximum class size: 2


Course Price: £850 – Please email regarding Machines


Finance : 0% Finance available via PAYITMONTHLY, option to pay upto 12 months, deposit required


Extra : Social Media Posters, Logo Design, Free Refresher courses


Insurance : We are fully Insured by Towergate and INSYNC

Have a query regarding our HIFU training courses in Liverpool and Manchester? Pick up the phone and call the friendly, professional team at Rene Academy on 07895 431 834.

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