Help Your Clients Define Their Look With Our Henna Brow Training Courses in Liverpool

Henna is a plant that grows in tropical climates including Africa, Australia, and parts of Asia. For thousands of years, it’s been used for body art. Prominent examples include its use in ancient Egypt and India, by attendees of religious ceremonies, weddings and festivals. Its rich tradition continues to grow, and henna is now used in countless locations all over the world.


Most recently, it’s become a fantastic way to create a full and defined brow, using only natural products. The henna we teach with and provide to students of our henna brow training courses, is ethically sourced from its leading producer: India. If you’re in Liverpool, Manchester or anywhere else in the UK and looking to add henna brow treatments to your list of services, we urge you to call us on 07895 431 834. Clients love how safe, gentle and effective the treatment is.


Henna is plant based and unlike many eyebrow tinting products, doesn’t utilise a developing agent. This eliminates exposure to chemicals, which can irritate skin despite leaving you with a similar, or perhaps even inferior end result. So it’s easy to see why henna brow treatments are so popular, and why so many students, beauticians and salon owners are visiting from Liverpool, Manchester and their surrounds to undertake our henna brow training courses.

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The Benefits of Henna Brow


• Fantastic alternative for clients who can’t use existing tints

• Very easy to apply

• Lasts up to 7 weeks on hair, and 2 weeks on skin

• More efficient means of covering up grey hairs

• Can be safely employed on both brows and lashes

• Will also rejuvenate hair follicles by balancing PH levels

• Encourages the regrowth of hair and helps prevent further hair loss

• Free from lead and ammonia

• Gentle on skin

• 100% vegan


As well as providing henna brow training courses to clients within easy reach of Liverpool (e.g in Manchester and its surrounds), we can also provide them via online sessions. This is also useful for those with very busy routines who might need to study at specific hours in the evening.

All new students of our henna training brow courses receive a kit that allows them to start practicing, gaining confidence before moving on to providing this service to clients of their own.



Course: Henna Brow Training

Course Level:  René Academy Certificate, CPD Accreditation


Course Duration: 20 hours total. including Prestudy.

Entry Level:  Had certificate in Brow Tinting and Waxing (please contact us if you wish to enrol on our beginners course)

Course Price Option 1 : Online £99.00

Course Price Option 2: Online & Classroom Practical £150.00 (2 hours)

Kit: Not included in course but option to purchase on day of training or via our website

Dyotics Brow Henna colours, from light to dark:

Honey: a honey-blonde flavor for beautiful eyebrows on the light skin

Taupe: to provide blonde to dark-blond eyebrows with a beautiful colour

Natural Brown: natural-looking eyebrows on the light to slightly tinted skin

Ash Brown: a beautiful brownish shade for brows on the tinted to dark skin

Raven: our darkest version, perfect for the dark skin

Skin Prep Lotion: to get the eyebrows as clean as possible before a treatment

Tint Remover: to easily correct any mistakes

Angled brushes (small & XL): qualitative brushes to apply the henna properly


For full course information please visit our student website


For more information or to book on to our henna brown training courses in Liverpool, call Rene Academy on 07895 431 834.

Plasma Therapy Training Courses in Manchester 10

Rene Academy
Plasma Therapy Training Courses in Manchester 10

Rene Academy
Plasma Therapy Training Courses in Manchester 10