Add to Your List of Offered Treatments With Our Dermaplaning Training Course in Liverpool

On this page, we’ve provided an outline of our dermaplaning training course, which we provide out of Oh Darlin’ in Liverpool. But we aren’t a purely local company. We regularly receive visits from beauticians, students and salon owners from in and around the Manchester area, and also can offer one on one training in the comfort of your own home or place of work, wherever you’re based in the UK. So to book the course or ask the friendly professionals at Rene Academy any questions you might have, pick up the phone and call 07895 431 834.


Course Content


• First we run through the history and purpose of dermaplaning

• Then we look at how dermaplaning contrasts with other types of physical exfoliation and hair removal

• Next we consider client selection, e.g who should and shouldn’t be receiving derplaning treatments

• Following on, we look at potential barriers to treatment

• Then we study how to correctly sanitise instruments and how to safeguard against infection

• Next is an in-depth look at the methodology of dermaplaning, including: how you manoeuvre the instrument, clinical end-points, troubleshooting and post-procedure options

• Finally, we look at pre-treatment skin analysis and how to explain the procedure to your client


Pre Requisite:


Only industry professionals holding a Facials Certificate qualify for our dermaplaning training course. If you’re in Liverpool, Manchester or elsewhere in the UK and just starting out, there are other beauty courses that should be taken first.

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Dermaplaning Explained


Dermaplaning is a very popular treatment for gentle, yet highly effective exfoliation and the removal of vellous facial hair (often referred to as peach fuzz). It’s a painless aesthetic procedure conducted with a surgical stainless steel scalpel. The primary goal is to remove the top layer of dead skin cells, rejuvenating skin.


Dermaplaning can be used alongside other, complementary aesthetic treatments and modalities, which our dermaplaning training course will cover. It’s a relatively quick procedure at just 30 minutes, and makes a fantastic addition to any Liverpool or Manchester beautician’s service range.


Benefits of Dermaplaning


The many benefits of dermaplaning as a form of physical exfoliation are covered in detail during our dermaplaning training course. But the main benefit is that it kick-starts the cell regeneration process, leading to brighter and more radiant skin. This also enables products to better penetrate skin.


Many practitioners choose to perform a chemical peel after dermaplaning, but this isn’t recommended if a client has particularly sensitive skin, or if it’s their first time undergoing dermaplaning.  Another key benefit of dermaplaning is that it banishes excess fine hairs which can often accumulate dirt and oil, and get caught up in makeup.


Who should consider dermaplaning?


This procedure is most effective for those with dry or rough skin, and it can also be fantastic for Liverpool and Manchester residents with superficial acne scarring or an uneven skin tone. It also provides many benefits for clients with mature skin, which can often suffer from a build-up of dead cells due to the way cellular turnover slows down as we get older.


Both pregnant and lactating clients, who are unable to receive chemical peeling treatments, can undergo dermaplaning. However, clients with especially oily skin or acne should avoid it. The same goes for clients with thick and dark facial hair.


Recoup the cost of your training in under 5 treatments!


• Dermaplaning procedures range between locales. It’s different in Liverpool than Manchester, for example. Generally speaking, they cost between £45 and £80

• If added to an existing treatment, for example a chemical peel the average up charge would be around £65

• The procedure takes 30-45 minutes to perform.

• It is recommended that you price your treatments on the demographic around your business and going rates in your area


Program Itinerary:


• 1 Day

• 9-4pm

• Online Theory

• Kit Included


End Goal


Within this outlined training, you will acquire the necessary skills and technique to properly perform a safe and thorough Dermaplaning procedure. Understanding proper sanitation, safety issues, and in addition, skin profiling is included in this course.


Online Course


How do Online Courses work?


Many prospective clients from Liverpool, Manchester and the wider UK are too busy to take a traditional dermaplaning training course. So we have a solution: online training. This is ideal if you need a flexible training schedule or you’re especially keen on one to one coaching.


By using FaceTime or Skype, we can help you learn at a steady pace of your own choosing. It offers many of the benefits that in-person training offers, but without the extra-expense which travel time adds on. Just let us know which days and times are best for you, and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.


Please note that you will need the assistance of a model for one hour, at the end of the dermaplaning training course. This will enable you to get a little practice before you get started with paying clients. Our dedicated approach to coaching gives you all the individual attention that you require, as well as the practice, experience and confidence you that will help you deliver a quality service to clients, who’ll then recommend you to their friends by word of mouth.


Our Certification Courses are Comprised of 2 Parts…


Part 1:


Dermaplane Online Course




• Welcome

• Video Training

• Manual (PDF)

• Face Diagram (PDF)

• Dermaplaning Demonstration Videos: Left-Handed and Right-Handed.

• Certificate of Completion


Part 2:


• Hands-On Dermaplaning with Instructor

• Student Start Kit (mailed to you upon receipt of registration)

• Experience working with tools and supplies in the Student Start Kit

• Coaching to perform a complete dermaplaning facial on your model.(You will need a model for approximately 1 hour)

• Certification & Accreditation upon successful completion.




• Ongoing Support

• Discounts for other courses




Course: Dermaplaning Training

Course Level:  René Academy Certificate, CPD Accreditation (15 CPD POINTS)


Course Duration: 15 hours total. including Prestudy.

Days at HQ – 1 Day

Entry Level: Facial Qualification, Level 2/3 Beauty or Equivalent


Maximum class size: 2

Course Price: £450 – Including starter kit:


  • Rene Pro Cleanser
  • Rene Pro Toner (Mist)
  • Rene Pro Moisturiser
  • Rene Pro Serum
  • Dermaplaning Tool
  • X20 Blades
  • Blade Remover


Finance : 0% Finance available via PAYITMONTHLY, option to pay upto 12 months, deposit required

Extra : Social Media Posters, Logo Design, Free Refresher courses

Insurance : We are fully Insured by Towergate and INSYNC

To book our dermaplaning training course, call Rene Academy on 07895 431 834. While we’re based out of Liverpool, we can travel nationwide, including to nearby Manchester.

Plasma Therapy Training Courses in Manchester 11
Rene Academy
Plasma Therapy Training Courses in Manchester 11
Rene Academy
Plasma Therapy Training Courses in Manchester 11